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The  Grade X students visited for  a Med Ex at the St. John’s Medical college on 8th September,2023.

The students were divided into four  groups and were guided by the respective medical students as our guide at the medical college. Firstly, we were taken to a hall for Basic Life Support learning where we were enlightened about  the skill to do CPR provided as the condition of the surroundings were suitable.  There were four  mannequins on which the CPR was practiced under the guidance of the medical students. Then, we went to the forensic department where we  heard about many real life incidents regarding the death of various people due to many reasons such as acid consumption, skull damage, snake poisoning , etc. We were also taught about the actions to be taken when encounter such situations. The Anatomy department was the most exciting  to explore. We  were enriched with the knowledge of blood vessels, bones and tissues of the limbs, the functioning and structure of the heart and brain, the kidneys, etc. We had an opportunity to hold the embalmed specimens in our hands to feel its structure and texture. The next  step was the microbiology lab.   We learnt the growth of microorganisms like Mycobacterium tuberculosis were shown to us clearly.  With the help of a compound microscope, we also got to know about the contribution of various scientists in the field of Science. In the Pathology museum numerous embalmed specimens of various types of cancer in the body parts and organs, cysts in the organs  were placed on different shelves. The medical students gave a clear and elaborate explanation. Then we received a certificate for completing the exhibition successfully.