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Lawrence follows the ICSE curriculum,

recognised world over.

Lawrence follows the ICSE curriculum which is recognized the world over. The Oxford ‘O’ level curriculum helps and motivates children to question, study and answer independently.

A managing committee consisting of the experienced coordinators of Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, High School and the Principal formulate the latest curriculum as per council guidelines and choose the best textbooks for the year.


In the early years, a child’s brain develops at a rapid pace. This is an excellent time to hone them as they can incorporate a large amount of learning at this stage. The child is encouraged to think and question, creating a foundation of learning and independent thinking, through song, dance, plays and other creative activities like pottery, gardening along with music, dance, environmental activities.


The primary curriculum for Grade 1 to 5 defines the formative years of a child and is the reason why we focus on application-based learning which empowers comprehension.

Our curriculum is painstakingly designed to engage students in topics that hold importance in their formative years. We make this happen through our innovative teaching methods, focusing on concept application and giving the children a hands-on experience. There are no examinations from 1 to 5 th Grade, but regular worksheets keep the content fresh and implanted in the mind.


From grade 5 to grade 7, a crucial stage in their education, students are provided with a clear understanding of each subject. These are studied in depth in order to ready the children for the future. They are taught to listen, think and write their own answers.

Secondary classes start to shape the student and focus on career building apart from academics by introducing different kinds of programs and workshops apart from the curriculum that helps children visualize their future.

High School

The high school syllabus concentrates on getting the child ready for the Class X exams with regular assignments, projects, and extra classes if need be. Many of our High School teachers are CISCE Examiners as well and know how to drive the subject home. The students have fun while learning and score high as they enjoy teaching and their classes.


Sports is very important to us. It is an integral part of our educational methodology. 6 Physical Training teachers impart physical education to students and teach football, cricket, hockey, and more.

Art & Craft

Art stimulates imagination and learning arts is necessary for the physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of an individual. From Kindergarten, we teach painting, drawing and work on their origami skills as well.

Music Classes

We have three amazing music masters who teach songs, keyboards, guitar, and drums. (Our Band ‘Bawse’ came ‘Second” in Mumbai in the All India Music Competition 2018)

Dance Classes

Dance is a way of expression. That’s why we think it’s vital to be trained in some form of dance. Classical Dance classes are compulsory from Grade 1 to Grade 6 at Lawrence.

Karate & Taekwondo

Self defence is an important aspect to learn in today’s world. At Lawrence, martial art classes are a must. This is a good way to keep children fit and confident as well. The school takes part in various Taekwondo competitions and the children win many medals from time to time.


Children Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) teaches children leadership, develops their self-esteem, encourages positive thinking, teaches children to manage time efficiently and introduces good etiquettes. CMCA also address the effects of drugs on teenagers, alcohol, smoking and other adolescent issues that teens face.

Additional Activities


A new addition to our science section, the department is open to all those are interested in robotics on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Camps and Trails

The outdoors play an important part in a child’s upbringing. Outdoor activities begin from the 5th standard onwards. Nature Walks include Bird Watching, Animal Behavior and learning about conservation. The children are taught how to camp and survive in the wild.


The art of speech is an important skill to possess. Public Speaking is much encouraged at Lawrence and we have trained professionals who we have engaged to coach our future orators.

Acting & Drama

Children from Lawrence are known to be fearless about getting on stage. Stage performances are an integral part of the Lawrence life. Acting & Drama classes are conducted for students of all classes.

Smart Classes

For Futuristic Learning

At Lawrence High, learning is made fun in every possible way. We use a blend of the latest technology and practical teaching tools to help children of all personality types understand what’s being taught. This helps bring the classroom alive and keeps the students on their toes. With the help of these teaching aids, concepts are easily explained and recall of lessons are high. The school also houses a futuristic Maths, Physics and a Chemistry lab.

We Love Education. And You’ll Love Our School.