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Lawrence High School is affiliated with the ICSE board.

Lawrence High School ICSE, HSR Layout, Bangalore was established in 2002 by the Cauvery Education Trust (1990) under the stellar guidance of Late. A. A. Poovaiah, Director for Education, Karnataka who was affiliated with the CISCE Board New Delhi. We offer education from kindergarten to Grade 10. This is the second school started after Lawrence School Koramangala (since 1990, kindergarten to 10th std). We have a staff of over 100 qualified, experienced and happy teachers, many who have been with the school since its initiation. The school has around 2,500 energetic children.

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Our Advantage

A Listers

Our Moto

Dream & Believe, Learn & Achieve

Lawrence school discovers individual talent and nurtures it by providing a wholesome education experience. By doing this, the school creates firebrands in the society that not only have the right education but are also equipped with passion. These “light bearers” are like the Olympic torch which stand for the ‘light of spirit, knowledge, and life.’

Safety Our Priority

At Lawrence High, we have always envisioned a safe space for children to thrive, learn, and grow without any fear.

Teaching Technology


Learning Infrastructure

ICT in education is the mode that uses information and communication technology to support, enhance and optimise the delivery of information.


At Lawrence, ICT is implemented to yield positive outcome as all the classrooms are equipped with ICT tools and technology. The teachers use these systems as major tools to impart lessons to the students. Comparatively students learn more from visual than auditory. The power point slides shown in the classes makes learning faster and easier.

There are two labs ideally equipped for different sections of students namely - primary and secondary. They make use of them to develop their IT skills and get first-hand experience on various software and applications.

Teachers’ Resource Centre is used by the Educators/ Teachers in the school to develop and create lesson plans, content, assignments, and projects. They source various contents and material relevant from various websites, media, etc. Teachers store all their contents in the central server in the Resource Lab and access them from their classroom via secured client access.

Meet the Principal

Mrs Sujatha Nagraj

“Empowerment of every child at all levels by meeting the intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs of the child is what we strive for.” Mrs. Sujatha Nagraj has over 17 years of experience in the field of education she holds a Masters in Mathematics & Education. As a passionate and caring teacher, she strongly believes that education is a dynamic, natural, progressive and systematic change that occurs in a human being. It involves self-realization, self-knowledge, and self-understanding.


Years' Experience



The Two Pillars Of Lawrence

Pushpa Subbaiah

Managing Trustee

Mrs Subbaiah has been an integral part of the school since its inception. With 26 years of experience in education, Mrs Subbaiah looks after the day-to-day managing of the school with ease. She is also instrumental in signing off on the syllabuses and various co-curricular activities that the school has year round. She firmly believes in the adage, “A reading child makes a thinking adult.”

P M Subbaiah


The backbone of the school, Mr Subbaiah looks after infrastructure and the finances. He has lent his expertise to the school for 26 years. If he isn’t running about the school making sure all is running well, he is found amusing the children with an anecdote or two.

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