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At Lawrence High, children are taught to discover and nurture their innate capabilities. Academics and co-curricular activities are given equal importance.

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At Lawrence, we believe that Personality development should go hand in hand with Intellect development.

We work personally with each individual to create wholesome personalities.

From the Chairman

Dream and then believe in it and you will achieve your dreams!

Education has come a long way- from gurukuls to online tutoring today. The thirst for knowledge, the race to discover, the drive for innovation has accelerated in this generation. We have to thank education and the advent of computers for this. In a few years, change has accelerated so much that technology is obsolete by the time it reaches us.

But the world that we build, the stories we tell, the curiosity that we must nurture, the lifelong values that we must instill are the solid bedrock that makes a child confident and secure to seek the unknown and to create the future. Jobs as we know them, the work of the past, will be obsolete and technology will be the demand of the future.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, advanced algorithms, emerging new technologies will change the world as we see it, faster in the next few years than in the last few. And our duty as parents/educators must be to ensure that our children would contribute to humanity positively as they grow up, open their minds to the whole field of possibilities and a life full of meaning and fulfillment for themselves.

P M Subbaiah, Chairman, Lawrence High

Taking Academics Very Seriously

We Guide Your Children To Achieve Academic Excellence

Established by the Cauvery Education Trust, Lawrence High focuses on relevant education to help children grow up into responsible and excelling adults who can face the challenges of the ever evolving modern work environment. We began in Koramangala over 27 years ago and continue to expand our premises to accomodate more children and provide space for extra curricular activities.

Lawrence follows the ICSE curriculum which is recognised world over. The Oxford ‘O’ level curriculum helps and motivates children to question, study and answer independently. Divided into elementary, middle and high school, Lawrence ensures that a good student to teacher ratio is followed, which helps each child grow with individual attention.

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We Follow The

ICSE Curriculum

Oxford 'O' level

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Lawrence High has a campus with a sprawling 4-storey structure located in the heart of HSR layout adjacent to The Children’s Park & Playground, CA3. The school is equipped with 68 classrooms, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Maths Labs and 2 multipurpose halls used for Drama, Yoga, Dance, and Music. A new cricket coaching pitch and the skating rink are the newest inclusions for the students to enjoy. Each of our classrooms is 25’x 25’, well-lit and completely ventilated.

Each classroom has interactive boards installed in all classrooms as “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This brings the classroom alive and keeps the students on their toes. Learning is made so much easier and fun. Concepts are easily explained and recall of lessons are high.  Academics and Co-curricular activities are given equal importance providing an environment for active learning.


We understand the anxiety of not being able to see your little one through the day. We have put down strict safety guidelines to ensure that your child is safe while enjoying his or her time at the school.


All our staff requires a B.Ed. or Teacher’s Training course to be qualified to impart education. Our high school staff are ICSE examiners, enabling them to perfect the art of teaching.


Our drivers have been with us for many years and are the backbone of the transport dept. All our buses are equipped with cameras and GPS trackers. There is an addition of a female conductor as well on these buses so as to ensure the safety of all the children.


At Lawrence High, learning is made fun in every possible way. Educomp, Edurite, Class Teacher education solutions are installed in all classes. This helps bring the classroom alive and keeps the students on their toes.

We have an innovative admission process. Contact us or visit our school to interact with our admission staff. Get In Touch

Lawrence gave my darling son an excellent start to life. Today, Kevin is in the USA pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Electronics. He has blended so well within the new environment without having to undergo much stress. This is because Lawrence prepared him to face the world. Thank you!

Darrel DsouzaKevin's Father

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