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Inter School – Model United Nation Competition

“Leadership is not a title. Its a Behaviour”
In this era of globalization learning about the world is more important than ever.

21 delegates of our school participated in SFSMUN (St. Francis Model United Nations) held on 9th and 10th September, 2023.
The committees were:
• DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee)
• HCC (Historical Crisis Committee)
• IPCC ( Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
• UNSC (United Nations Security Council) UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council)
• The Lok Sabha

Our students were involved in fruitful discussions and learnt the intricacies of debating, diplomacy and negotiations. The delegates stood with their agenda in supporting their respective countries. They also got an opportunity to work on the portfolio alloted to them. Though challenging, students gave their best and enjoyed the sessions.

Jayanth of grade 9th won the BEST POSITION PAPER and Vivaswath of Grade 10 won in the category of VERBAL MENTION.