By December 2, 2021 Events

Children can be the best natural ‘Copycats” around. They love to mimic and impersonate their parents, teachers and their favourite characters. Children love to dream and they can just be anything that they have ever wished to become and Fancy Dress activity is a good way to make their dream come true to conquer the world for a while .

LKG and Nursery had a virtual Fancy Dress activity on 10th November and 16th November 2021 respectively.  The theme for LKG was ‘Super Hero and Fairy Tale characters and Food and Drink for Nursery.

Children were dressed as Rapunzel, Fairy, Cinderella, Snow white, Hulk, Spiderman, Tarzan the Jungle boy, Chips, Cupcake, Frooti, Fruits and Vegetables and Heathy and Junk food and narrated a few sentences about their character. This activity was fun for children as well as for the parents as it sparked their imagination and stimulated their creativity with innovative ideas where they had to mix and match whatever item they could find at home to make their children’s costumes and props. Kudos to all the children and parents for making the virtual Fancy dress Activity a big success.


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