By September 8, 2020 Achievements

Every story revolves around her school and that gave birth to her maiden book titled, “Unforgettable Audacious Adventures of my School Life  a book filled with humour, action and adventure that can be read by all age groups. She is a student , 12 years old, in 7th grade at Lawrence High School, ICSE Bangalore.. Her book has been published by Notion publishing house,Chennai through Xpress Publishing. Available in Amazon.in and Kindle ,the book is filled with her misadventures during her exams, Searching of a pup, during her field trip and Challenges faced when she became a class monitor. It is a book born out of her imagination allowing one to imagine a situation at school

Recently she was awarded “Youngest Author”  by “INTERNATIONAL BOOK OF RECORDS” under  “SUPER TALENTED KID” category and was recognized as one in a million by this prestigious organization as she made her debut as author at the age of 12 years. Inspite of all the attention , she is a very grounded girl and wants to become an Author as she grows up. 

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