Intra School Competition (Grades III & IV)

By June 25, 2022 Events

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence”.

Competitions are a fusion of talent, imagination, creativity and alertness and LAWRENCIANS always epitomize excellence in all the competitions.

The PaperMache competition was held on 10th June 2022 for the students of grade III and IV. This craft is centuries old and is prized for its affordability and practicality. Essentially, all we need is recycled Paper and a simple paste to create durable items. The children enjoyed soaking sheets of newspaper, tissue papers with the glue. Some of their creations included a variety of animals, pen stands, lamps, fruit basket, vegetables, vases etc…The bubbly children began to paint their creations with unbridled joy. The pretty bright colours made their articles even more attractive. It was fun to watch the little hands getting messy, and it was relaxing for them to work with their hands to unleash their creativity.


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