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Field Trip to Curiouscity Science Center

“The intelligent use of Science and Technology are the tools with which to achieve a new direction.”

In Lawrence, we believe in taking children beyond the world of books and the four walls of the classroom and enable them to experience science first hand by working on simple experiments using scientific concepts.

To encourage the curious minds, a one -day field trip to the Curiouscity Science Center was organized in the month of June for the students of Grade IV, V and VI.

There is a fascinating world out there that is waiting to be explored and our mission is to bring some excitement of doing real science to the growing minds of children.  Curiouscity Science Center is one such place which aims at promoting curiosity and creativity in the use of science amongst the young children. The students got an opportunity to experience several educational activities that were related to science. These hands-on and thought-provoking experiments were demonstrated by the staff at the science center and later each and every student was given a chance to try their hand at exploring and experimenting on their own. It was an interactive, challenging yet, a fun-filled outing.