By November 20, 2021 Events

“There is no garden as beautiful as childhood”

To share the  sentiment, Lawrence High School, celebrated Children’s Day virtually on 13th Nov’21 with  enthusiasm and joy . Our Chairman Mr P M Subbaiah, greeted the children and shared a heart-warming message. A video encapsulating a plethora of events was released in the class meeting. A mime of Cricket Match scene by PE teachers, a scintillating dance performance and a few soulful renditions of Kannada songs by Language teachers won students’ applause.

The class teachers had fun time with their students by indulging in numerous games such as, Tongue Twisters, Wheel of Names, Quiz, Riddles, Scavenger Hunt et al ,students playing these games with great zeal and zest. The day ended with students thanking the teachers profusely for making Children’s Day so special. The heartfelt appreciation, likes and comments by the students and parents are a testimony to the grand success of the digital celebration of Children’s Day.





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