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Mandisa Hazarika

Spurthi Patnaik



Kudos! Rocking Kindergarten Champs.

As schools across the country is gearing and implementing phonemic approach towards English language. Lawrence High School is already ahead in teaching and enhancing students of Kindergarten in phonic reading skills. The students have carved an inch and raised the bench mark in the arena of virtual learning platform during these pandemic situations.


‘Phonic World’ invited schools across the country to participate in “National Level Reading Competition for Senior Kg children”.

Rushigna, Sphurthi, Arush, Ayushi, Athmika, Nathan, Chhavi, Shivansh and Mandisa from UKG participated in the competition. All the students got through the first round ofcompetition to compete for Semifinals along with other schools from across the country. Participants were asked to read three sentences each as the difficulty level of each sentence was increased with the number of the sentences. The participants were judged on the following criteria: confidence, clarity of speech, pronunciation, articulation of sounds, correct segmenting and blending and time taken to read all three sentences within 2minutes.

Mandisa, Sphurthi,Arush and Chhavi won the semifinal’s round and entered the finals. Our students exhibited excellent reading skills and were beyond comparisons. The judges had a tough time to choose the winners among the finalists as all the participants had show cased excellent reading skills.

ArushTodi bagged the first position, Mandisa Hazarika bagged the second place in a tie up and Sphruthi Patnaik bagged third place.

It was an exuberant moment and experience for all the students who participated in the National Level Reading Competition for Senior Kg.

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