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International Yoga Day

An international yoga day was celebrated on 21st June, 2022 at Lawrence School. A fun filled yoga session was conducted for kindergarten students by co-ordinator Mrs Abhilasha Sharma. The benefits and importance of yoga was taught during the session for kids.

Yoga increases children’s concentration and memory. It also improves self-esteem and emotional regulation. Yoga teaches kids discipline and reduces impulsivity.

The session was started with simple warm up exercises. Kids were excited to learn the basic yoga poses like tree pose, camel pose, boat pose, cow pose, warrior pose and down dog pose. These postures help our body to become strong and flexible. Surya namaskar was also demonstrated to the kids. Children also learnt breathing exercises (pranayama), which helped them to calm and refresh their body and mind. Children had a great time practicing yoga during the entire session.

We should encourage children to practice and incorporate yoga in their daily life to promote a balance between physical and mental health.