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Congratulations !!!

The MUN Society has been officially recognized by the United Nations (UN). It was set up with an objective of providing a platform to students to step into the world on international diplomacy and to learn and develop skills such as oratory, negotiation, research, analytical and a plethora of other such skills which are otherwise difficult to develop.

MUN as a concept helps a delegate to understand international relations and also shapes up their perspective about several global issues.

The agenda for each committee were vibrant and very controversial yet intriguing at the same time.

Our Lawrence High School Delegates did participate in discussions and proposed various solutions to current global matters.

The issues discussed were from regional conflicts to international security, to matters of human rights and gender equality. Our delegates have worked with challenge and applied their understanding on global affairs to solve complex issues by thinking on their feet.

25 students from Lawrence attended AMUN, hosted by Amaatra Academy on 21st to 23rd July 2022.

10 students attended the JUMUN held at Jain University from 25th to 27th August 2022.

10 students participated in DeMUN, organized by Delhi Public School on 28th and 29th October 2022.

Geet from grade IX, was recognized as ‘Special Mention Delegate’ of IPC [International Press Corps]one of the most challenging committees with agenda ‘Combating the rising polarization of Media’

Vivaswath from grade IX, was recognized as ‘Special Mention Delegate’ a delegate of CCC [Continuous Crisis Committee] holding portfolio of C.D. Deshmukh with vast research on economy had to debate on the floor on the agenda ‘To discuss the question of Hyderabad in 1948’.

After two years of Covid break I, t was a marvelous experience to attend these MUN’s which helped to identify students’ talent and exposure to the society.