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Lawrence High believes that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning , Robotics are
technologies of the future. All of these technologies require the knowledge of coding.
A study found that there were as many as seven million job openings that require
coding skills and that coding jobs are growing in number around 12% faster than market
average, This isn’t a trend that is going away.
It is estimated that around half of all job openings for coders are in non-tech industries,
including finance, manufacturing and healthcare. If you think about it, every company
that uses computers, needs someone to instruct those computers.
In lieu of this, to prepare their students for the future technologies, Lawrence High has
introduced coding as a part of the curriculum vis a vis Champions Inc. to make their
students future ready and at par with students in the Western Countries.
The coding curriculum comprises of different layers which enable the student to Think
out of the box, develop problem solving capabilities and finally code using High Level
Languages like Python and Java. A brief description of the layers is as follows :
Logical and Critical thinking improves the logic and reasoning capabilities of the
Algorithmic Thinking improves the problem solving capabilities of the student.
Computational Thinking involves mental skills and practices for designing computations
that get computers to do jobs for us and developing higher order thinking skills(HOTS)
Students are introduced to GUI based coding to enable them to read code before they
learn to write code.
Class 1-3 students are gently introduced to applications and GUI based coding which
simulate a programming mindset.
Class 4 students are introduced to Python and HTML and are able to design their
webpages and also code in Python.
Class 5-6 students are introduced to concepts like decomposition , functions , variables
, loops , conditionals using GUI Tools which enable them to develop on the
programming constructs. They are also introduced to CSS and Javascript to bring
webpages to life.
Class 7-8 students are introduced to Object Oriented Concepts and Java through GUI
Tools and also introduced to Data Structures.
By standard 6 students are experts in Python coding and by end of standard 10
students are experts in Java coding.
Students learn coding step by step every year and prepare LIVE coding projects which
enhances their concepts.
Coding Projects done by the students will be uploaded classwise on the website to
show their coding skills.