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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
—Margaret Mead

With this provoking thought Awareness Week was observed at school from 11th June to 14th June 2019. The problems pertaining to the present world were taken into consideration and discussed with students to create awareness and encourage them to inculcate the necessary change towards the issues.

The whole week was scheduled with informative agenda like displaying colourful charts, presenting a role play, group discussions and quiz. The first day, charts made by students have been displayed on class boards. On the second day quiz was conducted in respective classes based on their topic. The third day children had to speak on the topics allotted to them. Role plays were planned for last day of this week and students from every class had to exhibit it. This way all the students are aware of various concerns of our environment and the world. This is the platform for the students to learn and share the knowledge of the current problems around us.

Etiquette and Good Manners was the main theme for Grade I. They have worked on various concerns which every student should be learning like Magic Words, Personal Grooming, Helping Others, Respecting elders.The theme Sustainable Livingfor the Grade II has made the students work on topics like Electricity, Vehicles, Water, Food and Paper. These are more common problems evident in our present living conditions. Grade III had worked on the topic Health and Hygiene. This included further subtopics like Food Adulteration, Yoga and Meditation, Healthy Eating, Epidemics, etc.

All the classes of Grade IV have focused on different topics. They have chosen topics like Aquatic Awareness, Road Safety, Composite awareness, Disaster Management, Malnutrition and Alternative Fuel. Every student was enthusiastic to learn and grasp knowledge about these present concerns of our world. Grade V were diligent in creating awareness of topics like Micro Greens, Pens, Yoga for Life, Pens and Basic Plots of stories. They have taken a step ahead to showcase the importance of areas which are less observed in the world.

The children of Grade VI created awareness about the knowledge of Flags of Countries. Charts were made for the subtopics like Russia, Ukraine, France Spain and Sweden. Awareness about the flags is not only displayed through vibrancy of colours but the students’ energetic participation throughout the week.

Grade VII has dealt with topics like E-Waste Management, Water Management and Cloud Seeding, Care for Animals and international Illegal Animal Trading and Organ Donation. A lot of hard work and creativity was evident among the grade VII students. They were passionate to learn and share the knowledge about their respective topics.

Grade VIII students had focused on the topics like Ocean Acidification– how the world’s oceans are taking on acidic nature due to pollution caused by the industrial affluent as well as accidents involving cargo ships, especially oil tankers.

The impact of climate change in India and the Shakespearean Week were the topics of Grade IX during awareness week. Recent changes happening to the climate of India stand out to be very significant as it is the major issue of present world.The reasons for the drastic change in climate and the unavoidable consequences werehighlighted during the week.While on the other side, the other group of students have put effort to dedicate the week to the great famous playwright Shakespeare, about his life and contribution towards literature. The awareness week was proved to be a successful and informative practice and has led to essential changes in the each and everyone’s attitude towards the world.


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