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Srikanth KS
Best school in HSR Layout
Dec 7, 2016
I would like to write my experience about Lawrence High school in order to benefit all parents who are seeking admission for their children.I have seen this school grow for the past 14 years. In fact my sisters children were admitted in this school 12 years ago in LKG and UKG respectively. I see a remarkable difference in the way the students of Lawrence behave compared to students from other schools. They respect elders, they value people and they are academically very strong.This school not only focuses on academics but also teach students good values. They make it a point to ensure that all children participate in the annual day program and ensure that all students speak on stage. In the same way they also ensure that ll students participate in sports day. For students having stage fear, they make them read news papers during the morning assembly and slowly get this fear out of their mind.As students graduate to high school, the teachers ensure that they study well and perform well in their board exams. Few students who are weak and find it tough to cope up, they make it a point to conduct special classes for them and teach them the concepts and inject positive energy in them there by making them brave to face the board exams.I personally know of a few students of this school who are currently working in big industries and going places. The teachers in Lawrence are humble they feel that the students in their class are more like their children. They feel proud when their children come out in flying colors.I pray that this school continues to do their bit and who knows we may get another Kalam from Lawrence in the coming years, My best wishes~Srikanth K S a well wisher
Jayalakshmi .T
Child’s name: Aishwarya Dharani
Child’s class: X Standard Student of Academic Year 2012 - 2013
Review by parents
Dec 7, 2016
Giving your child not just the best education but ensuring an overall growth is what a better heritage a parent can give to their child.We would proudly tell you that we had made the right choice by choosing Lawrence High School to provide the foundation of schooling to our daughter when we put her in 2nd standard way back in year 2005 and till when she passed as school first in her X standard ICSE Exams in 2013.The school not just ensures the academic excellence of each of its students but moulds their interpersonal skills as well, that we could observe the advantages as our daughter’s educational career progresses as a techno-graduate in VIT University (accredited as one of the top 10 institutions of India).Aishwarya recalls with zeal the names of her Lawrence High School teachers and counts with thanks the values inculcated, the motivation and the recognition given by the teachers and management of Lawrence High School, every day and time she gets appreciated and applauded by the lecturers of her institution and would say that the school has laid the base well-founded for what she is today.We would like to take this opportunity to thank the management and the class teachers of Lawrence High School.We recommended Lawrence High School to all our friends when our daughter was studying there and we happily recommend Lawrence High School to all our friends as a right choice even now.

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