School Timing : 8.15 am to 3.00 pm


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9th Main, HSR Layout, Sector 6, Bangalore-560102




Curriculum – ICSE

The ICSE Curriculum is a world wide Oxford ‘O’ level curriculae that encourages and enables a child to think, study and answer independently. Lateral thinking stimulates the mind and true Education is achieved.

School Timings (Monday to Friday)

  • Pre KG to UKG : 08:15 AM – 12:35 PM
  • Class I to X : 08:15 AM – 03:00 PM

We try to maintain a healthy teacher-student ratio for personal attention as well as for healthy competition in the classroom. Approximately 20 children in nursery, 25 in LKG, 30 in UKG and 36 from 1st standard to 10th.

Nursery, Lkg, UKg

Programmes are designed to teach by play, songs, sports and creative activities. They learn discipline, to eat by themselves, enjoy singing, music, learn alphabets, numbers, rhymes, stories and enjoy coming to school. A Child’s mind is like a sponge and absorbs knowledge readily. Celebrations like Fruit salad day, Color day, Grand parents day, Festivals, Field Trips etc. fill their days.

Primary: 1-4th std

The foundation of education is strengthened. Small projects, Learning by Doing, Formal teaching, regular Work Sheets etc. develop the intellect. Computer classes from the 1st std, Field trips, games, activities, competitions, use of the Interactive E-Boards in every class, periodic assessment contribute to comprehensive education.

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Secondary: 5-7th std

Students expand their knowledge. Communication skills, reasoning skills and problem solving skills become more complex and the academic curriculum evolves to prepare students for High school.

High School : 8- 10th std

Program prepare the students thoroughly to face the ICSE examination with regular assignments, projects, extra classes that enable the students to achieve good results.


  • Computer Lab : 2 fully equipped computer labs. Qualified teachers assist students one on one to acquire technical knowledge.
  • Interactive White Boards : Educomp, Edurite and Class Teacher education solutions installed in all classes bring alive the lessons in the class room. Knowledge is available at the click of a mouse. A picture is worth a thousand words! Concepts are easily explained and recall of lessons is high.